1. to restore (something old, esp. a building) to a previous or better condition; repair; refurbish
    We restore classrooms, libraries and playgrounds of public schools all over the Philippines, one chair, table, blackboard, door, and fence at a time.
  2. to reinvigorate; refresh; revive
    We reinvigorate the sense of friendship and camaraderie between children volunteers from private sectors and students from our partner schools through fun and engaging activities that the whole family can easily enjoy.
  3. to renew; regenerate
    We renew the spirits of the communities involved by improving their learning environment, fostering our working relationship and instilling in them a sense of pride and ownership over the fruits of our collaboration.

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our story


Renovate a School, Build a Community, Change a Nation.

A story built on redefining the quality of education in the Philippines, Renovate to Educate (rED) answers the challenges brought about by poor infrastructures and maintenance in the nation’s public school system. We aim not just to help schools and their students, but the communities around them as well. Through partnerships with the private sector, our program helps uplift the basic infrastructure standards of education that every Filipino child is entitled to rED facilitates renovation projects between students of public schools and volunteers of private organizations. The results of our thorough assessment of a selected public school’s needs are matched to the social responsibility expectations of the partner private organizations to accomplish the following:

» Improve the learning environment within the public school system for the benefit
of the students
» Create a safe environment for private organizations to engage in relevant and fun
corporate social responsibility activities
» Develop and foster working relationships between public schools and partnered
» Provide an opportunity to establish a stronger sense of community and camaraderie

rED’s renovation projects are held every month and are open to all who are looking for an easy, fun and fulfilling way to spend an afternoon with the whole family. Be part of our ongoing story. Check out rED’s activities and accomplishments, and sign-up for the next renovation!


your choice


Offering families, organizations and companies a chance and choice to strengthen and rediscover their relationship with each other,  rED organizes safe, easy and fun activities for kids and adults of all ages.

Your involvement with rED is entirely up to you. You may opt to join a half-day activity with your family, or a whole weekend event with friends.

Interested volunteers may send us an email or a message through Facebook to inquire about open slots at upcoming events, or to plan a full day rED activity. When it comes to helping others, every effort counts. As a token of our gratitude, volunteers who continuously choose to partake in our events are awarded with a special badge. Here are some of the activities you may choose from to earn your first or next rED Nation badge:

» Rebuilding chairs and desks
» Painting murals and school signages
» Building and furnishing school libraries
» Landscaping school grounds
» Recycling commonly used school materials
» Creating teaching tools
» Planting trees and plants
» Repairing classroom and bathroom doors

Held every month, rED events develop one’s creativity, promote teamwork and foster new friendships. Read more about our advocacy, browse through our achievements, and make that choice to be part of the rED nation. Sign-up now for the next renovation!

the experience


An experience like no other, rED is all about redeveloping communities. Chairs, tables and doors break in time; Inspiration, passion and determination endure. When it comes to helping our partners in the public school system, repairing something as simple as a chair could ultimately mean restoring a child’s yearning to learn more and dream big. This is why every rED event is fulfilling for both the volunteers, and the students, their families, and the faculty of the schools involved.

Aside from learning new things and meeting new friends, the best thing about joining a rED event is experiencing the restoration process from start to finish. All activities are designed to be competed at the end of each day – No project is left undone. With this, volunteers always leave with a strong sense of ownership, pride and empowerment having fulfilled a project that plays a crucial role in the education of others.

Some of the schools we’ve worked with include:

» Marichu Tinga High School
» Captain Rene Companero Cayetano High School
» Upper Bicutan High School
» Western Bicutan High School
» Kaptain Eddie Reyes Elementary School
» Tipas Main Elementary School
» CP Teresa Elementary School
» Donsol West Central School
» Krus na Ligtas Elementary School
» H. Bautista Elementary School
» RP Cruz Elementory School
» Oranbo Elementary School
» Binan Elementary School
» Kalawaan Elementary School
» Bagong Ilog Elementary School
» Captain H Fransisco Elementary School

» Sta Ana Elementary School
» San Diego Elementary School
» Bagong Pag Asa Elementary School
» 9 De Febrero Elementary School
» Napindan Elementary School
» Holy Spirit Elementary School
» West Fairview Elementary School
» Malanday Elementary School
» Highway Hills Integrated School
» Malanday Elementary School(Marikina)
» Sto Nino Elementary School(Marikina)
» Cubao Elementary School
» Southville Elementary School(Laguna)
» Sacred Hearth Elementary School (CDO)
» Malaban Elementary School(Binan)

Learn more about how our advocacy and activities have helped these schools and their
neighboring communities, or experience the fun, joy and fulfillment of being part of the rED nation by signing-up for the next renovation!

red champion


Who is a rEDChampion?

A rED Champion is a nationbuilder: a leader who encourages participants to learn the value of personal support, and of working with your hands while enjoying the process.

rED Champions cultivate a desire to share their experience beyond Metro Manila, finding more efficient ways to make rED operations sustainable.

rED Champions are the future: they carry the dream of uplifted standards of education infrastructure that every Filipino child is entitled to, and advocate rED nationwide. They are the physical manifestation of the rED nationbuilding spirit that can be passed down to anyone willing to share the responsibility where and when it is most needed.

A rED Champion is a volunteer who comes from all walks of life and understands that change can begin with one person.

Imagine what that one person can do with a team.

What makes a rED Champion?
»   The exemplification of rED virtues:
o   Leadership
o   Change-oriented outlook
o   Nationbuilding
»   The ability to take charge and re/build the top 3 rED items:
o   Chairs
o   Tables
o   Blackboards
»   Evident leadership skills needed in running or managing an activity or event
»   At the very least, participation in 10 red events in 5 different schools



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